2002 Bruxis [Detail 1].jpg



Wood, plaster, brass, aluminum, electronics
7.5” x 8.5” x 11”

Bruxis responds to the presence of people. He waits for you to leave before grinding his teeth, stopping if you return. If interrupted before completing his routine, he becomes more agitated. The intention of this is to create an air of autonomy and engage in an interaction not entirely under the control of the viewer. Bruxis has 11 levels of annoyance, each increasing in intensity and varying in rhythm.

Bruxis Technical Statement: Damon Hamm created ‘Bruxis’ as a hybrid of both found and fabricated components.  The main outer frame is part of a found object - a denture articulator, while the rest was fabricated from aluminum, brass, and plaster.  At Bruxis’ core is an embedded microcontroller, infrared range sensor, servo motor, and mechanical linkages.