Damon Hamm: Experiments in Time

I strive to understand this world through experiment. My experiments start with a simple concept such as ‘unwinding’ a spiral in steel, drawing the straightest hand-drawn line I can in high-energy plasma, freezing a sound in 3D space.


Damon Hamm is a sculptor and designer living and working in New York, NY. 
Born in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Damon minored in particle physics at Oberlin College before completing a Bachelor of Fine Arts in 1995, a Master of Science from Carnegie Mellon in 2002, and the Model to Monument fellowship at the Art Students League of New York in 2017.

Damon has worked in mediums as varied as drawing, print, ceramics, video, photography, electronics, and in recent years; metal. 

Early in his career, Damon Hamm studied architecture and sculpture under luminary Athena Tacha, installation artist Johnny Coleman, printmaker John Pearson, and found a particular passion for architectural design with Stan Mathews. Damon went on to create sculptures, produce documentaries and eventually pursue a Master of Science from Carnegie Mellon in how people to sense and interpret visual, aural, and tactile information. There he began making robotic art that playfully interacts with each viewer.

Damon’s explorations focused on metal in 2011 and he has been working in the medium since. His recent work uses the interplay of light, shadow, and reflection to evoke themes of physical transformation and temporal progression. 


Damon is also a professional User Experience Design Director whose work can be found at Semiconducted.com.

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