From the Artist

“My passion is to understand this world through experiment.

My experiments start with a simple concept like ‘unwinding’ a steel rectangle, drawing the straightest line I can in high-energy plasma, freezing a sound in 3D space, or transforming a tiny chicken wishbone into a cathedral arch.

My goal is to embody each piece with a little element of magic, creating little ‘eureka!’ moments in viewers when they suddenly get how it works or visualize the form winding backwards in time to its humble beginnings.”


Damon Hamm is a sculptor and designer living and working in New York, NY.

Born in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Damon completed a Bachelor of Fine Arts from Oberlin College in 1995 and a Master of Science from Carnegie Mellon in 2002. 
His accolades include a Carnegie Mellon Graduate Research Grant, the Model to Monument fellowship from the Art Students League of New York, a U.S. Patent for a mobile computer vision system, and features in New York Magazine, Gothamist, and Time Out New York.

Spanning the mediums of drawing, printmaking, ceramics, videography, photography, light, electronics, and metal, Damon’s work has been exhibited in galleries across Ohio, Illinois, Pennsylvania, and New York.

Early in his career, Damon Hamm studied architecture and sculpture under luminary Athena Tacha, installation artist Johnny Coleman, printmaker John Pearson, and apprenticed for kinetic artist Hilary Harp and architect Paolo Soleri. Damon went on to create ‘fictional scientific artifacts’, short-form documentaries, interactive robotic art, and pursue a graduate degree in how people physiologically and psychologically interpret visual, aural, and tactile information.

Damon's recent work is focused on creating abstract compositions in metal that accentuate the material’s ability to interplay with light, shadow, and reflection. The resulting forms evoke a sense of captured motion, optical scintillation, or temporal progression as if every stage of the object’s evolution became visible at once. Or in his words, “a futile attempt to capture time”.

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Damon also consults as a User Experience Design Director and provides Digital Art Services for other artists (3D scanning, modeling, printing, etc.) at



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